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Nutrition has life-changing potential!

Supporting Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the best food for all babies, providing nourishment for the body and minds of both mothers and infants. We fully support the world Health Organization’s recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life followed by sustained breastfeeding alongside adequate nutritious complementary foods, up to two years of age and beyond. Our members have various activities to encourage breast feeding ie. providing breast feeding room for employee, offer prolong maternity leave policy, encourage and emphasize breast feeding in campaigns and communications for the public.

Contributing improving Health status of children

Early nutritional deficits are a significant contributing factor to under-five morbidity and mortality. Chronic malnutrition results in stunting – an irreversible condition that not only affects children’s growth but can also cause the delayed cognitive and motor development of children (1). One in 16 Thai children are stunted (2)

Hidden hunger, when children are deficient in essential vitamins and other micronutrients, is a less visible form of malnutrition affecting 340 million children under age 5 globally. Hidden hunger has long term consequences ie. delayed growth, impaired brain development and weaken immune system. Micronutrients deficiencies of iron, vitamin A and D are common in Thai children in both urban and rural areas. Iron deficiency anemia in infant and young children can result in lower IQ. (3)

Offering high quality products for older children

The consumption of growing up milk for age 12-24 months resulted in substantially higher intakes of iron, vitamin D, and vitamin C, and slightly lower intakes of vitamin B12 and saturated fat compared to diets using cow’s milk. ( 4 ) Formula for older infant and young children can contribute significantly to nutritional intake of the older infant young children, especially for the nutrients that are most difficult to obtain through local complementary foods.

Making Thailand a Centre of Excellence in SEA

Our members not only provide quality products to Thai people but also contribute to Thailand economically by jobs creation, tax payment, technology transfer and R&D. We have 3 factories manufacturing milk for all stages. Our industry hires nearly 2000 people and pays more than 1,000 M. Baht in tax per year. (5